Monday, January 24, 2011

Things I've Learned Over the Weekend...

So, I'm still fighting the sinus battle. If this doesn't get any better by tomorrow, I think I'll be at the doctor's before the end of the week.

And I woke up yesterday morning to find our pipes had frozen.  So dh went to Wal Mart and got a space heater and put it under the house.  We turned on all our faucets in the house and finally the water came back on.  We were very blessed that so far things seem ok and no leaks.

As if frozen pipes weren't enough, I've got a guy here replacing our hot water heater.  They are trying to get everything straight.  Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

So the things I've learned over the weekend is that having no water stinks.  And thank goodness for Bath & Body Works Waterless Hand Foam.  It gets your hands wet and clean when you have no water.  So if you have any kind of emergency kit in your house, I recommend that kind of hand sanitizer.

That is all I'm posting today. I'm going to try to get my little guy down for a nap before something else blows up. LOL

Hope you are having a great day in your neck of the woods.

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Bella Michelle said...

Oh wow, y'all had a double whammy. Glad it appears as if you have no leaks or anything worse. We had a pipe burst due to freezing a few years ago (between the walls) and I had to go dig through the snow to find the cut off valve at the road! Not fun.

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