Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Need some ruby slippers

Well, for those of you who don't live in Virginia, I'm sure you saw on the national news that we had terrible storms roll across the state on Monday. I live in Central Virginia not far from where one of the twisters touched down. I have shopped at the shopping center that got hit a number of times. I was so glad I was at home and didn't need to go down there. They showed one family on the news that was in their mini van when the storm hit. It blew the windows out of the van and fortunatley they weren't hurt. They were able to duck down in the van.

When I see the devastation from Suffolk, Virginia where the tornado damage is the worst, I am amazed no one was killed. The folks from all the areas affected have been in my prayers.

When I was a kid, we never had tornados in Virginia. Then it seems like about 15 years ago, we started seeing them pop up in different spots. I've already got the spot I know I'd go to in my house in case a twister comes. I pray I never have to go through one.

The Wizard of Oz has always been my favorite movie, but I never liked the tornado. I guess a girl can always use a pair of ruby slippers.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Pretty, yet functional


Hey everyone! TGIF! It has been so nice here the last few days. We've finally gotten a reprieve from the rain. The sun has been shining and it has been warm with low humidity. You've gotta love weather like that. We've been pulling out some of our outdoor furniture and getting that cleaned off. It has actually been warm enough to run through the sprinkler, but we haven't done that. We've got an Elmo one to break in, so that should be fun.

I have to admit I was scratching my head a little bit this morning, trying to figure out what I was going to feature for my Fabulous Favorite Friday pick, and then I walked into my kitchen and the answer was sitting right there.

My pick for this Fabulous Favorite Friday are the Williams & Sonoma kitchen towels. Or tea towels or cup towels. Whatever you call them. I've heard them called all of those different things. Anyway, I'm in the market to get a new set. I received some as a wedding gift and I'll have been married 7 years in June. These have hands down been some of the best towels I've ever used. They have been so durable and they are really absorbant.

I personally have a green kitchen, so I'll be getting some more green ones, but you'll be happy to know that the also come in yellow, pink, and purple. That is what is show one the website for the towels that come in this design. They have some other ones too. I will tell you that when you see that they are $18 for a set of 4, that seems pricey for towels, but when you figure you can use them for a while, it really isn't that bad.

I hope you all have a great weekend! I'll check in with you next week!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Let's talk TV

Ok, I feel very cheated about my tv shows as I'm sure many of you are feeling. Just last night I was wondering when Las Vegas would be back. If you haven't watched this show, it had been coming on Friday nights. Tom Selleck joined the cast this season, so it has gotten extra good. Who doesn't love Tom Selleck? Anyway, I was hoping that at some point they'd get some new episodes in the pipeline but with May right around the corner, I guess that isn't going to happen. The whole tv season has been really messed up with this writer's strike.

America's Got Talent
I caught a promo on NBC sometime yesterday that showed some of the summer shows coming out. I think I will especially appreciate some of these new summer shows since there wasn't much on during the regular tv season. I tried watching America's Got Talent last summer, but I got sick of hearing "The Hoff" whine about being hasseled. But, bless his heart after that video that came out of him off the wagon, I guess he had a lot going on. Hopefully he is better. And, Sharon Osborne is very kooky. I wonder if she is coming back. I do like Piers Morgan. I wasn't surprised he won the Celebrity Apprentice. Maybe I'll give America's Got Talent another try. I wasn't thrilled with the folks the judges were passing through as talent last summer. I'm sorry, but a cross dresser who supposedly "looks" like Chakirah (spelling?) doesn't count as talent to me. And that freak Leonid or whatever his name was just freaked me out. Yuk.

Last Comic Standing
Anyway, one show I probably will watch will be Last Comic Standing. Because I like to laugh. I will warn you that if you haven't watched the show before, you definitley want to make sure your kids are in bed if you watch. I don't know why some comics have to get dirty, but you know there are always a few. I personally appreciate the comics who are clever with their jokes, they don't have to go straight for the vulgarity. The show starts May 22nd at 9:30 EST on NBC if you are interested.

So You Think You Can Dance
I may try to catch So You Think You Can Dance. That comes on Fox. I have half watched it before and I'm always amazed at how they find people with no formal dance training that have such a gift. It is a great show to give you a real taste of different types of dance.

American Idol
With all this tv talk, I thought I'd end my post by saying I think David Cook has such a great chance at taking the AI title. He is so versatile, I really thought he might have a hard time with the I heard Randy Jackson say on Ellen yesterday he thinks it will be a battle of the David's. I think he might be right. I was so proud of Carly last night picking a great song. Brooke needs to go. I'm sorry, but this late in the competition you don't get a free pass to stop a second song because you don't have it together. She is a sweet girl, but isn't ready for the big time yet. Syesha did great and I haven't been a big fan of hers. I think Jason needed to pick a different song. His voice wasn't strong enough to handle Memories. I guess we will see who gets the boot tonight.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Greetings Earthlings!
So, it's Earth Day. I hope you are having a good Earth Day. It has been raining here since Saturday which I know is good for "Mother Earth", but I'm kind of sick of it. And, I think my allergies have gotten worse from the dampness. I guess I have a mold allergy. I'm ready for some sunshine.

I've already done my part to go green this week by using my reusable grocery bags at the grocery store. It makes me so happy using those bags. Especially since I am able to get so much more in those bags. I seriously estimate I saved myself from getting about 10 plastic Wal Mart bags. And, the added benefit is I could grab up those 3 big bags when it was raining and it didn't take as much time to load my car. I am happy to see that Wal Mart is now selling these resuable bags. I've noticed a lot of their commercials are promoting green efforts.

By the way, if you are a Wal Mart shopper, be sure to check over your receipt carefully. I was over charged yesterday $34.00 for lemons. Yep lemons. I bought one and was charged for that, plus another 58. I have no idea how the girl managed that. But, they were great and took it off my bill. Wow, that would have been a lot of lemonade.

Crafty Green Goodness
I decided to do a search for Earth Day crafts so I'd have crafty something to share with y'all, and I found this one on the website. It is a melted crayon earth. I remember making things like this when in school and thought it was such a cool project. You could make a couple of these and tape them up on a window. The kids would love it. Here is a link to the project.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Whoops! Better late than never!

I feel so bad. We were so busy yesterday, I didn't get to my Fabulous Favorite Friday post. So, I thought I'd take a minute to post it today. I know I said I wasn't going to post on weekends, but I figured I'd post today than skip one of my favorite posts of the week.

The first thing I wanted to share with you this week was one of my favorite websites I try to visit multiple times during the week. It is called Sk*rt. They have some really cool articles and I just love the vibe of the site. So, check them out.

My other Favorite Friday pick this week is the Design Mom blog. She is a dynamo at updating the site multiple times during the day Monday through Friday. She has some super cute things. And, she has some great companies that donate products for fabulous random give aways. It is a great website to get unique gift ideas for kids. I highly recommend checking it out.
Well, I hope things are little more together next week to get my posts in order. I hope you are having a great week/weekend. The weather has been so nice here, we are getting in as much outdoor time as we can. Of course we are all sneezing due to the pollen, but hey that lovely yellow fairy dust is means spring is here.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tag, you're it!

Ok, I've never been tagged before, but my friend Rebecca has tagged me so I'm going to give it a go.

Here are the rules:
1. Link back to the person who tagged you. Here is Rebecca's blog.
2. Post these rules on your blog.
3. Share six unimportant things about yourself.
4. Tag six random people at the end of your entry.
5. Let the six people know by leaving a comment on their blogs.

So, here are six things about me:

Hmmmm, here we go...

1. Spring/Summer are my favorite times of the year. I hate cold weather.

2. If I had to pick something for my last meal, I'd pick fried chicken. I love fried chicken.

3. I am not a fan of chocolate desserts. They just don't appeal to me. That goes for chocolate ice cream too. I eat candy bars, but stuff like molten chocolate cakes, chocolate ice cream. Not for me.

4. I am not a coffee drinker. I like to smell it brewing, but that is it. I'm a tea gal. My favorite tea is Constant Comment orange tea.

5. I love the beach. I'd pick a beach trip over the mountains any day.

6. My favorite color is red.

Ok, here are the folks I'm tagging:




Big Mama

Sherry Steveson

Kim Hughes

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hokie Nation Dedication


I'd like to dedicate today's post to the folks who are current students, faculty and alumni of Virginia Tech. As a native Virginian, Virginia Tech has always had a special place in my heart. I've had a number of friends who've attended the school and I've visited it myself.

Unfortunately a year ago today, the Hokie nation had a terrible tragedy and lost 32 students and faculty members when a gunman terrorized the campus. I remember that day because I was at home with my little baby and it was a beautiful spring day. I had the tv and the computer on and I remember seeing something that there had been a shooting at the school. I called some friends to let them know what was going on. The horror of that day unfolded as the hours went on. I will never forget that day because the weather here in Virginia was the same kind of day as when 911 happened. Beautiful sunshine, how could something so awful happen on such a beautiful day?

For those of you who have never visited Virginia Tech or met anyone who has attended the school, it is a special place. The "Hokie Nation" is set in Blacksburg, Virginia in such a beautiful setting. It is a very welcoming place and I have to say that every person I've ever met who went to Virginia Tech I've always liked. The folks who attend the school are usually very down to earth. Thus, it is hard to imagine that something so tragic happened there.

One of the young students who was killed was from the area where I live. I didn't know him, but my heart has broken for his parents. They came to my church after the tragedy. I think about what it is like to raise a son, see him graduate from high school, then college, then work on a graduate degree and then have him stolen away. Someone with so much potential, someone who brought you so much pride. My heart has ached for them.

So, today I ask that you think about the families of the victims whose lives were changed forever a year ago. I know they will all be in my prayers. Go Hokies!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Fabulous Favorite Friday Picks

Hey everyone! I hope you are having a good Friday. I've had a little trouble with blogger, so I'm finally getting this post up.

The weather is supposed to get to 80 today. We got a quick trip in to the park this morning. I could get used to this weather. I'm a t-shirt and shorts and flip flops gal. I can't wait until the weather changes for good.

Today I thought I'd feature two things that are my favorites.

The first thing I'm featuring today are Haribo Gummy Bears. These are probably my favorite kind of candy. I love the red and orange ones. And, they have to be this specific brand of gummy bear. They are from Germany and before gummy bears got really popular here in the U.S., my grandmother used to buy these from the commissary for me since you couldn't get them in regular stores. They were such a special treat as a kid. And still are. You can buy them at Wal Mart these days, drug stores, etc. I especially like them if they are a little hard to chew on. I can eat a whole bag of these by myself.
The second pick for Fabulous Favorite Friday is the show Hell's Kitchen featured on Fox. This show comes on at 9 on Tuesday evenings in our area. It is a good thing because you definitley don't want you kids watching it.
The Chef pictured below is Gordon Ramsay and he has picked a group of chef wanna be's that this year will win the position of top Chef at Chef Ramsay's new restaurant called Gordon Ramsay at the London West Hollywood which will open in the summer of 2008, I believe in Los Angeles.
Every episode shows the contestants competing in challenges and getting cool rewards and then also competing to complete the dinner service in the Hell's Kitchen restaurant. All the while Chef Gordon Ramsay is yelling at them (they have to bleep out a lot of his rants). But, for those who've never watche the show before, he is doing this to weed out the folks who wouldn't work and to prepare the final winner for their new position. My dh especially laughs when Chef Ramsay starts calling them donkeys, but the way he pronounces it, it sounds like dunkeys. It is pretty funny.
This show has aired, I believe, 3 times before and they have showed the previous winners. If you want to start watching this season, you can catch up because they've only show 2 episodes so far and they are available on the Fox website. This show has usually aired during the summer, but I'm guessing that due to the writer's strike the started it earlier.
Well, I hope y'all have a fabulous weekend. I'll catch ya next week.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More Scenes from the beach


We have slowly, but surely been recovering from our trip to the beach last week. I was so annoyed that the Internet connection at the house was terrible, thus the reason I only posted once last week. My little guy didn't sleep well that week and the weather was cold and rainy, so I was glad to get home to my own bed. But, the trip wasn't all bad and we did have some fun. We got down to walk on the beach twice. We also got a chance to check out a few of the light houses including the Currituck (which I posted a picture of last week) and the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.

Oh, some good news for those of you who visit the Outer Banks area of North Carolina. The famed Christmas Shop on Manteo that closed about 2 years ago is opening back up! We all cheered when we saw this. We drove over just for memories sake and saw a sign and spoke briefly with a gentleman there. We told him how much we had missed the shop and he said they were reopening in May on Mother's Day weekend. So, if you are a fan of the Christmas Shop, head on over when you go down this summer. Pass it on to your friends. I know the Manteo area has greatly missed this treasure and I'm so glad they are reopening. It is a family tradition. Such a cool place.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

Check out this cool deer that was resting in the brush by the side of the road by the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.
Yikes! My worst fear. A boy who likes snakes. No, its not real. We will NEVER have one as a pet.

Ah, the crash of the waves makes me sleepy.
Arrrg. If you run in the water one more time, momma is going to make you walk the plank!
Miss Zoe loves the beach. She loves running on the sand.

Well, those are some shots from the trip. I hope to get a post put together tomorrow. If not, then definitley for Fabulous Favorite Fridays.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Greetings from Duck, NC


I have finally gotten our Internet access straight (for the moment). Here is a map of the Outer Banks of N.C. where we are. A lot of people call this whole area from Corolla to Cape Hatteras, Nags Head, but as you can see Nags Head is only one area of the Outer Banks or OBX as you'll see on the oval stickers everyone has on their cars.

The weather has been spotty here. We've had rain showers every day. Yesterday the weather got warmer. It has been cold one minute, a warm up the next. It has been hard to know what to wear.

On Monday we went to visit the Currituck Light House. I thought I'd share a picture with y'all. It was such a nice day. No, we didn't climb to the top of it. It was $7 to do it and frankly I'd pay someone not to climb to the top. LOL We had a picinic lunch of cold fried chicken near the lighhouse and they had a nature center nearby which was fun to go in and see. They had a real stuffed bear which Sawyer loved and immediately growled at. They also had a small aquarium full of fish which was neat to see. It was a very pleasant afternoon.

Here was the sunset on Monday. It was so beautiful, I y'all like to see it. I hope to get some more posts in this week. The Internet access here has been difficult. I hope y'all are having a great week!