Monday, November 14, 2011

Insert Chariots of Fire Music Here

So this weekend my husband ran a half marathon. He isn't allowed to run a full marathon like he did a few years ago, because I told him I can't be a running widow with two little kids. 

He really likes it when we are there at the finish line to cheer him on.  I got a burst of inspiration and decided that we were going to have CARS theme poster.  Our oldest son, Sawyer dressed up like Lightning McQueen for Halloween, so he wore his costume.  I went to Dollar Tree and got one of their math books and cut out the CARS pictures I put on the big poster.  The big poster says, "My dad is fast as Lightning.  Kachow!"  As you can see, I had to pull this together in a hurry, so it was a challenge getting all the letters on there. LOL

The small poster I'm holding says "Pit Stop" and had Guido and Luigi.  My kids love CARS, so they were excited for us to take these with us.  We had to bundle up because it was pretty cold Saturday morning.

Here is a picture of us after the race.

Hope you are having a great day in your neck of the woods!


Paula said...

What a cute thing for you to do to help to cheer on your husband. I know that he loved seeing you and the boys at the end.

I think half of the people who run in Lynchburg were in Richmond this weekend for the marathon!

Josh Healy said...
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