Friday, November 14, 2008

Fabulous Favorite Friday


Happy Friday everyone! I had hoped to get this post up earlier, but with all of the feedings and then we had to get haircuts this morning, it just didn't happen. I am so tired, but fortunately not every night has been bad. I think our little guy is going through a growth spurt. We took him to the pediatrician on Wednesday and he had gained a whole pound in a week.

For today's Fabulous Favorite Friday pick, I wanted to share with you these crackers Ritz has out. They are in the shape of snowflakes. How fun would it be to use these with the holidays coming up? I have so many dip recipes and end up either making it when we have the family over, or take it to their house that I love having fun crackers to go with the recipe. I found these when I went to Wal Mart. So, you might want to check these out if you are doing any entertaining soon.

Ok, the other item I wanted to share with you is a product I'm so in love with. It is called the SwaddleMe. I had one of these with our first son, Sawyer, but because he was on a heart monitor and also didn't like his arms swaddled, I really didn't use this a lot. So, I had one that was pretty much brand new. I pulled it out with Mr. Logan and I have loved, loved, loved this product. Even though I can swaddle with a blanket, my two little houdinis have always managed to get out of them. With this product, using the velcro tabs makes it so easy to swaddle and I don't have to worry about the baby wiggling out and having a loose blanket in the crib.
The other feature that I love is that on the bottom of it there is a slit so you can put your baby in their car seat and they can be buckled up. With winter coming, this is such a great way to bundle the baby.
As you can see from the picture above, you can get these at Babies R' Us. I haven't looked recently, but I think you may be able to find these at Target also. They come in two different sizes and a bunch of different colors. The one I bought is fleece, but I did also see them in cotton so if you are having a summer baby, you may want to consider one of those. They run $9.99 and are a great gift. I highly recommend them as a gift. I like mine so much I have bought 2 more. Because my little guy likes to pea through his outfits. LOL
I hope you have a great weekend. Stay warm and have a cup of hot chocolate or cider to keep warm.


Bemused Observer said...

Wow, I love both "product reviews" for this post! I don't have anyone small enough to be swaddled, but that's a great baby gift!
And the Ritz crackers are definitely going with me to any December parties where I bring a dip! Thanks, Shell!!!!

Janette said...

I can't even believe you're able to blog. You're amazing! Logan is such a cutie pie. I just love the hair! Can't wait to see you guys soon!