Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veteran's Day!

Happy Veteran's Day! We thought we'd give a shout out to the boys Uncle Eddie who is currently away from us. We sent him an email this morning so he could get this special message from the boys. We hope this will brighten his day.
Today was Logan's due date. And tomorrow he will be 2 weeks old. We are doing well. It is an adjustment trying to nurse a newborn and get breakfast for a demanding 2 year old. LOL But, we are hanging in there. Logan is such a good baby so far. We are keeping our fingers crossed.
We love that crazy hair he has going on. When I give him a bath, I can brush it straight and once it dries it sticks straight up. It is so soft and smells so good with the Johnson's baby shampoo.

It is tough getting used to not sleeping through the night, but we are making it.

I am hoping to get in a Fabulous Favorite Friday post this Friday and then see if I can post a few more posts next week. These little guys have momma hopping.

We hope you are having a good week! BTW, how do you like the new Thanksgiving look for the blog?


Paula said...

Love your Thanksgiving look! Logan's hair is a riot!! He really looks a lot like you, especially through the eyes. They are adorable boys and you have to be so, so proud of them.

Bemused Observer said...

That baby looks like his momma!! And Sawyer looks like his daddy. What a beautiful family!

***Paola*** said...

Could he be more adorable??? So so cute!

JenMarie said...

OH what CUTIES!!

Linsey said...

Oh my goodness--what an angel baby!!! Look at all that hair!!! The big brother is also a doll!! You are one blessed mama! Congrats on your beautiful new additon! TFS and warming my heart! :) hugs and thoughts for uncle Eddie-whereever he is! :)

dougnat said...

ooooo he's soo sweet!!