Thursday, September 2, 2010

End of Summer Shopping at Old Navy

The other day I got a chance to stop by Old Navy and wow have they got a lot of stuff on sale. I've found that this is a great time of the year to pick up basics like t-shirts and tank tops. Those are pieces that I wear year round. I find that they are great to layer.

And I'm in love with some of the fall clothes Old Navy has out right now. I'm excited to see that ponchos are still in fashion. I'm not a huge jacket person, so I love the look and flexibility you get with putting on a poncho.

And this faux vest is so Rachel Zoe and it is sure to get PETA's stamp of approval.

So what fashion trends are you loving for the fall?

We are in the midst of getting ready for back to school for preschool, so that has been keeping us busy this week. Between the long school supply list we were given and getting haircuts, etc. we have been hopping.

Hope you are having a great time in your neck of the woods!

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