Thursday, April 28, 2011

World's Greatest Boss

I'm sad to think that tonight is the last night I'll get to see the antics of the World's Greatest Boss aka Michael Scott from The Office.  It is hard to believe that Steve Carrell is leaving this beloved character behind. 

I have been watching The Office since episode one. Michael didn't start out as one of my favorite characters, but he has such a goofy, lovable way about him you can't help but like the guy.  And I have to say I'm glad it looks like they are giving fans a nice way to end his time on the show, wrapping it up in a nice little boy and not doing something terrible like killing him off.  He is the kind of guy could help but root for and the would get the girl in the end. This character reminds me of the friend that you have that is a bit quirky, but very likeable who hasn't found Mr. or Mrs. Right and you would love to fix them up with someone but you just don't know who.  And then lo and behold they seem to find the right person and you rejoice in their happiness.

So will you be watching The Office tonight? Who is your favorite character?

On a different note, I'm am so excited about the Royal Wedding tomorrow. I'm attending a Royal Wedding party tomorrow morning and I"ll be sure to post details. 

So here is to raising a coffee mug to Michael Scott and a champagne flute to Kate & Will.  Wishing you all happiness.

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ShannonPinNOLA said...

I watch it off and on, but my daughter is a die hard fan. The show just won't be the same without him.