Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Celebrity Apprentice

Every year I watch Celebrity Apprentice and this season was no exception.  I haven't had a lot of time to blog on it, but I wanted to comment on the finale.  This year it was nice to have two finalists who both seemed like great folks and had wonderful charities that they were supporting. 

As it came down to the wire, I was pulling for team Clay Aiken and his charity National Inclusion Project. It you aren't familiar with it, which I wasn't, it is a charity he started almost a decade ago after his experience with working with special needs children.  The charity works to help kids get to participate in programs in their community.  "Our mission: The National Inclusion Project serves to bridge the gap that exists between young people with disabilities and the world around them. We partner with communities and inclusive programs creating awareness about the possibilities that inclusion can bring."

I love the work this charity is doing. I have mentioned before on the blog that my oldest son was a 25 week preemie.  He has some issues as a result of his premature birth, and I have felt left out as a parent that he isn't always able to participate in the same activities as his peers.   So far he has been too young to realize this, but I know with him going to school next year, I am staring down the barrel at him becoming more aware of this.  And as a parent it hurts your heart. So the idea that there is a charity out there who can help make your child feel included and in a way that isn't awkward, or separated is a wonderful thing.

Of course back to the Celebrity Apprentice, Arsenio Hall's charity, The Magic Johnson Foundation has a great cause as well.  And I have to say he is such an interesting, likable character, I'm sure a lot of good will come to his charity as a result of his winning the Celebrity Apprentice title.

So those are my thoughts on the recent Celebrity Apprentice. How about you, have you been watching the show?  Which of the finalists did you want to win?

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