Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pirate Party

Arrg. Today is Talk like a Pirate day.  So what could be better than sharing ideas on how to throw a cool pirate party? 

Over the summer I decided I wanted to throw a pirate play date, so we picked a day after my son's birthday and invited our friends to come over.  We let the kids play in the back yard in the swimming pools and we had bubbles and our play set.  We were lucky that the weather cooperated and it was perfect weather to be outside.

Many of my pirate supplies came from Wal Mart, Target, and Oriental Trading Company, Dollar Tree, Party City, and Michaels. 

Here is a close up of the front door of the wreath I made.  I wish this picture showed up better, but I bought little pirate finger puppets from Oriental Trading and I wired them on to my wreath.  I got the fishing net from Dollar Tree and the ribbon for the bow is from Michaels.  They should still have the ribbon because I purchased it from the Halloween section.  I like that I can also use this wreath again with Halloween coming up.

Here is a treasure chest I got for the goody bags I we made up for our friends.  I had little bags with spy glasses, treasure maps, and other goodies.  I also got some bags of Pirate's Booty snack to give each of our little pirates.  I will say that I didn't have a very good experience with this inflatable treasure chest from Oriental Trading.  The top came with a small hole in it, so it didn't inflate well.  It did make a cute prop.

This pirate flag I got on vacation in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  We needed a way for our pirate crew to find the house, right? LOL  My boys loved this flag and I have to admit it stayed up on the front of my house well into August.  They were disappointed to see me take it down.

Here is the table with some of the things set up.  I got my table cloth and plates from Wal Mart.

This pirate ship and the figures I purchased at Old Navy near their registers. It was a little kit that was $5.00.  I purchased the gold coins from Party City.
These are some pirate rubber duckies that Oriental Trading sells that I got to put in the kiddie pools.  They were so cute, but they didn't float correctly. It looked like these pirate ducks walked the plank.
One thing I didn't get to take a picture of was the fruit and veggie tray I made.  I got small swords for guests to use.  Mainly the adults used those since we didn't want the little ones playing with them.
I hope this gives you some ideas if you decide to do a pirate party one day.  I think I would like to do this theme again when my kids are already and we can do treasure maps with a scavenger hut. 
Hope you are having a great day in your neck of the ocean, matey! Arrrgggghhhh!

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