Friday, October 19, 2012

Bootiful Halloween Decorations

As you can see from today's post, I've been busy over the last few weeks.  I've had a number of different appointments, but I've also found time to decorate for Halloween. I wanted to share my decorations with you.  You can easily decorate for different holidays without breaking the bank.  Some of my decorations are new, while others I've had a few years.  I recommend starting out with a budget and adding to your display each year.  It is also nice to change things up from year to year.

It wouldn't be Halloween without my Peanuts gang Great Pumpkin wreath.  I got these supplies about 2 years ago at Michael's.

This is one of my new decorations. I bought 2 of these topiary holders to flank the front door.  The wrought iron looking holder is from Better Homes and Gardens.I found them in the garden section for $7.  I didn't want to put live plants in my pots, so I filled them with floral foam and put fake moss and pumpkins on top.  I have really enjoyed these and the little pumpkins show a nice pop of color from the street.

These scarecrow friends greet our guests. They are sitting in little adirondack chairs I bought for the boys years ago. My dad did some work on them and fixed them up, so I didn't want them out in the elements. So they are on the front porch and the boys loving seeing the scarecrows in them.

I got this wooden pumpkin at Ross last year and it rates up there as one of my favorite Halloween decorations. 

These cats are a purrrfect addition to our front foyer.  I got them in the Target dollar spot this year.  Can you see my Boston Terrier, Miss Zoe, peeking out?  She matches the decorations. LOL

We have a box to help boost up our Giant Great Pumpkin who glows in our front window.  We used a table cloth to cover the box.  And that cool Trick or Treater we got a number of years ago at Target.  The cat I snagged at Kroger after Halloween last year. 

I got these spiders at Dollar Tree last year and the spider web on sale after Halloween last year. My boys have loved having them in our kitchen.

Here is my kitchen bay window.   I got those pumpkins in the windows at Dollar Tree and the felt garland came from Target a year or two ago.  All of those little solar folks in the windows came from Dollar Tree.

These last two pictures are of my fireplace mantle.  I put all kinds of little nick nacks up. I especially love pumpkins and have picked some up at different places.  My husband thinks that the black cat that is the mascot for fireworks is hilarious, so over the last few years I've picked up some black cat decorations as I've seen them.  The sparkley cat in the second picture was in the Target dollar spot this year.

So there is a peak at my Halloween decorations.  Do you decorate for Halloween?  If so, do you have a theme? 

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Serge said...

Even I would be scared to see a spider as big as that waiting and staring at me from the chandelier!