Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Madras Monday


Hi everyone. I hope you are having a good Monday. I decided to make a trek to Target this morning and found out that they have their Cynthia Rowley seasonal goodies on sale for 75% off. I just love this line of stuff because it is so bright and cheery.

As you see to the left, I got a madras table cloth reduced to only $2.50. They also had some cute plastic silverware that I got in pink that matches the table cloth. My sister has this silverware and we used it at a cookout on Saturday and I love it. It is so fun and summery. I also got some cute napkins that go with the tablecloth and they had a fun flower sprinkler that my little guy can run through. That ended up being $3 and we also got a little thing of sidewalk chalk that was about 25 cents. I got a bunch of things and spent only $10. I love catching a good sale like that.
Things were going very fast at the store near my house, so you may want to catch it soon if you are interested. I had also seen some really cute picture frames, but they were out at my store so you may catch those at yours too. They also had some super cute plastic martini glasses and another kind of glass too. I would love to have gotten those, but I knew I didn't have room to store them so I passed on those.
If you pick up any of these goodies, I'd love to hear what you've picked up.
Have a Happy Monday!

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Paula said...

Very cute tablecloth. Target is great with their marketing. I could spend a fortune there.

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