Thursday, June 26, 2008

In response to Big Mama's Plea

For those of you who haven't discovered it yet, the Big Mama blog is an awesome blog written by Melanie, a SAHM who lives in Texas. I read her blog every day because she is great about always writing every day and she and I have the same sense of humor. I get such a chuckle on how she phrases things.

Today she asked folks to post summery recipes on their blog and to link back to her blog so that she'd have something new to try and so her husband wouldn't divorce her. So, I feel it is my civic duty to step in and post a recipe to save a marriage. There is no higher calling right now.

This is from the current Pampered Chef Season's Best recipe cookbook. If you ever go to a Pampered Chef party be sure to add one of these to your purchase. It is the cheapest and best little cook book you'll ever purchase. They change them with the seasons (thus the title) and they always have about a good 10 recipes in it. All for a $1. Beat that McDonald's with your $1 value menu. The books have a good mix of appetizer, main entree, and dessert recipes. Yep, all for $1.

I have not yet had a chance to make this recipe, but I'm going to because I have a ton of mint in my backyard. Also, with being pregnant I plan on omitting the rum. I think without it, it will still be a great tasty drink. But, I must admit there are some days when our almost 2 year old little guy makes momma want some rum real bad. LOL

Triple-Citrus Mojitos (pronounced Mo he toe)

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 cup water

1 pkg (.75 oz) fresh mint) leaves, about 1 1/4 cup leaves divided

1 orange

2 lemons, divided

2 limes, divided

1/2 cup white rum (optional)

5 cups chilled lemon-lime soda

1) Combine sugar and water in bowl. Tear 6 mint leaves in half and place in Quik Stir Pitcher, set aside. Finely chop remaining leaves with Chef's Knife and place into bowl. Zest orange and one of the lemons and one of the limes and add zest to mint mixture. Microwave on High 2-3 minutes or until sugar is dissolved.

2)Slice orange, both of the lemons and both of the limes in half crosswise. Reserve half of one lemon and half of one lime for garnish. Juice remaining lemon and limes using a citrus press; add juices to the pitcher. Juice orange with juicer add to pitcher.

3)Pour mint mixture thorough strainer into pitcher; discard chopped mint. Add rum, if desired. Carefully add soda to avoid overflow. Slice reserved lemon and lime halves with Ultimate Mandolineand place gently into pitcher. Mix the ingredients in the pitcher. Serve over ice.

Yields 8 servings.

So Big Mama, this drink is for you! Enjoy!

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DidiLyn said...

I am drooling and it is nowhere near 5PM long do I need to wait so I don't seem like a lush? :-)

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