Monday, December 21, 2009

Chris Kringle Cookies


Happy Monday everyone! I am so excited about all of the things I have to share this week. We are now in count down mode until the big day. Dh is off this week, so we will be doing a lot of fun family activities together.

Today I wanted to share these cute cookies that I made last week for Sawyer's preschool class and for our MOPS group. I thought this ideas was so cute I just had to make them.

To make these cookies, you need a star shaped
cookie cutter. You will also need mini marshmallows, white frosting, red food coloring, and mini chocolate chip pieces.

I used the Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix to make the cookies. Once you've rolled out and baked your cookies and they've cooled, you'll need to frost and decorate them. I took some of the white frosting and put it in a Ziploc baggie with some of the red food coloring. That is how I got the red frosting for the top of Santa's hat. For the marshmallows, you need to cut them in half. As you can see, one goes on the top of Santa's hat. I found it easiest to cut a small part out of one of the corner's of the Ziploc baggie to pipe the red hat.

Once you've got the hat completed, you'll need to take some of the white frosting and ice the bottom of the cookie. I used white tube icing for this and piped it on and then used a spreader to smooth out the frosting. Once you've frosted the cookies, you then add the halved marshmallows on top. Finally, you'll need to add a dab of frosting to each of the chocolate pieces to get them to stick for Santa's eyes.

Wouldn't these be cute to make with your kids to leave out for Santa? I'm sure he would definitely put you on the nice list. :)

Be sure to stop by tomorrow so you can see our Christmas decorations.

Have a great Monday. Be safe out there!


Shonda said...

Those are so cute and look yummy! I'm sure they were a hit!

Jen said...

Finally getting a chance to stop by and had to say - these are adorable cookies!! We might have to try these out this week!! Thanks for the great idea!

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