Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Our lights

Every year dh and I get excited talking about our holiday lights display. And every year it seems we add a little something more to it. We decided a few years ago to do all white lights which we like because we haven't seen many all white lights displays in our area. So, we've looked for different things that will work with our winter wonderland display. Yep, just call us the Griswolds.

We got hit by the big snowstorm here beginning Friday night and into Saturday. DH was sweet enough to go outside to get pictures of our lights so y'all could see them in the snow. The white flecks you see is the snow coming down. I am hoping to get some video up so y'all can see the display and hear the music. We got one of those music machines after Christmas last year so that has been a fun new thing. The neighbors have been great and have enjoyed seeing it. DH hooked up just a few things to the music so only a few special pieces "dance" to the music. We've really enjoyed seeing the lights show at night. A few nights before the snow came, I'd bundle the boys up and sit with them on the porch and watch the lights before dh would get home. It will be a fond memory I'll have from this Christmas.
So, here are some pix of our lights. Hope you enjoy them!

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Shonda said...

That looks fantastic! I almost thought it was from a movie. Good for you!!!

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