Monday, October 25, 2010

Bootiful Pumpkin Tags

Today I'm blogging about a craft project I did yesterday.  I wanted to make little treat bags for my son's preschool class and I realized I needed some cute tags to put on them.  So, I got out some of my scrap booking supplies and scrap paper and went to work. 

A few weeks ago, I was sent an awesome package in the mail by the folks at BzzAgent.  It is contained supplies from Elmer's CraftBond and X-Acto.  They have a new collection of crafting products that are available at Wal Mart.  The Elmer's CraftBond products range from $2-$9 which I love because you can really shell out some bucks for adhesives and scrapbooking supplies.  Even before receiving this kit, I had used the Elmer's glue pen and glue sticks and had found them to be great, inexpensive products for crafting.  They are all acid-free and archival safe which is good.  

The X-Acto Designer Series has items such as scissors, trimmers, rulers, punches, knives and cutting mats.  I was sent a pair of Zig Zag Decorative Edge Scissors and Scalloped Decorative Edge Scissors.  I normally don't use scissors like this when crafting, but I pulled out the Zig Zag Scissors because they reminded me of the jagged teeth of a Jack O' Lantern and I thought that might look cute on the edge of my tags. 

The pumpkin punch is from Martha Stewart's craft line. I have to say I'm very disappointed with it.  It was hard to use at first and I messed up some of my paper.  I got it at 50% off and even still, her stuff is not cheap.  I would think something like that would be sharp since it has never been used.  But once I punched a few it started to work better.  I was annoyed I had to mess up some of my paper on the first few to get the thing to work.  Also, I don't like it that the bits of paper get stuck in the teeth and nose part easily. You have to constantly pull it out of the punch.  

So, as you can see I used my X-Acto scissors to cut the jagged edge on the tags and then I punched out a pumpkin. I used the Elmer's glue stick to adhere the pumpkin to my tag.  I also cut out slips of orange paper to add to the tag so I could write Happy Halloween from my son on the tags.  I punched a hole and put the tags on the bags through the twist tie that came with them.  You'll see the finished tags in our little bucket ready to go.

At the bottom of this post, you can see pictures of the Elmer's CraftBond and X-Acto Designer Series items available at Wal Mart.  I've found them to be helpful tools and products for doing craft projects.   So you may want to check them out the next time you go through Wal Mart. 

You can find helpful tips and project ideas online at . You can sign up for Craft It! and they'll send out free samples, craft project ideas, news letters, specials offers and new product news.  Get in the know now. 

The count down is on to Halloween.  We are so excited here.  It is also a big week in another way for us too.  My little guy, Logan will be two on Friday.  Oh where has the time gone?

Hope you are having a great day in your neck of the woods!

Disclaimer: I received a BzzKit of products from BzzAgent which included: one glue stick, one glue pen, one box of craft bond, one tape runner, one X-acto corner round punch, and a pair of zig zag and scalloped scissors.


Paula said...

This is a cute project! Sawyer's friends are sure to love this treat!

ShannonPinNOLA said...

What a cute idea. The kids will love them, and the moms will be blown away by your "Chic Craftiness".

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