Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Santa's Sweat Shop

So I feel like I'm working in Santa's sweat shop here getting ready for our big Gingerbread Jubilee event at my church.  We have been making Gingerbread houses of all sizes.  Here is a kit I bought at Michael's and put together.  I love these kits and they have been pretty easy to figure out.

Hopefully on Thursday I'll get a chance to post pictures of the giant gingerbread house my husband and I have created for the event. It looks so awesome. I'll also give tips on how we made it in case you ever find yourself in need to make yourself a giant gingerbread house. LOL

Hope you are having a great day in your neck of the woods!


Janette said...

Cute!! Looks fun!

ShannonPinNOLA said...

I can't wait to see your giant gingerbread house. That's on my list of things I'll do soemday.

Bella Michelle said...

So cute!!! This sounds like a lot of work (your event) but I can't wait to see more pictures.

Shonda said...