Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Chic Crafty Chick Christmas

Here is a look at my house all a blaze in Christmas glory. We've already been told by a number of neighbor kids that ours is their favorite on the block. Craftiness runs in the family, as you can see and we take Chic Crafty Christmas decorations to a whole new level. We expect to see the limos driving by soon for the light tours. LOL Who says you can't have a Chic Christmas lights display?

Except for the blue lights for the water for the deer drinking, the whole display is in white. I call it our Winter Wonderland.

So, enjoy the show. And, be sure to tune in for our second installment later this week, Chic Crafty Chic's holiday tour the inside edition. That post will include creative decorating tips for hanging your stockings in a fashionable manner, yet out of the reach of the sticky, fast hands of a one year old.
Happy Holidays Y'all!

We just love those snowflakes in the trees. I hope to get some more when they go on sale. And, that little thing perched up on the side of the house is an angel.
We have little Christmas trees and then our electic luminary bags going up the side of the driveway. The luminary bags then turn and go in front of the house too as you can see from the picture above. We got our bags at Lowe's about 2 years ago and they are awesome.
This picture does not do these wreaths justice. They are huge wreaths on the big doors of our gates on our fence. That is a confederate jasmine bush to the left of the wreaths.

Here is a side view of the walkway up to the front porch. I love our snow people family greeting everyone.
And here they are now, the welcoming committee. Can't you just hear Burl Ives singing Holly, Jolly, Christmas? It is one of my favorite Christmas songs.


Belle-ah said...

Love it! I agree with the neighbor kids.

Belle-ah said...

Love it! I agree with the neighbor kids.

Serah said...

Your lights are beautiful! It must look like a winter wonderland when people drive by.

Merry Christmas!

E said...

Absolutely gorgeous lights!

Theresa Tyree said...

Great night time shots!! How'd you do that?

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