Saturday, December 22, 2007

Days 8 & 9 Holiday Attire

Well, I missed a day of blogging with taking care of a sick baby and just trying to get holiday stuff completed.

Jazzing up from head to toe!

Today I wanted to share with you something to consider for wearing out for the holidays. If you haven't discovered them yet, Oka shoes are the cutest. I bought mine last Christmas at a local holiday bizarre, but I 've seen them in a few specialty shops in my area. I have the black mules. Since last year they have come out with even cuter ribbons you can buy with them. Mine have black velvet ribbon in them. I bought other ribbon at a craft store to switch them out, but I haven't yet. I wear mine with socks and they are really comfy. Here is a website where you can buy these shoes in case you don't see them in your area.

They also have some cute shoes for summer as well. But, who can think of that when Christmas is so close!

Also, if you are feeling a little frumpy, one thing I've found is basic black looks great with a shot of color. I've seen some cute jewlery at Target. They have such pretty bracelets in red, they look like they have jewels on them. I searched their website for a picture, but didn't see any. Check your local store.

Another inexpensive thing to consider is getting a great hat and scarf set in a bright color like red or pink. Just pick your favorite color.

I hope to keep up better with our countdown tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by!

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