Friday, December 26, 2008

Checking in

I had really hoped to do a Fabulous Favorite Friday post, but we aren't feeling to Fabulous here this Friday. I hate to say it, but this was the worst Christmas I've ever had. The night before Christmas Eve I came down with a stomach thing and it was not good my friends. I have not thrown up that much in a long time. And the Immodium took a while to kick. So, sadly we had to cancel Christmas at our house and didn't get to have the family over. Christmas eve morning Sawyer woke up throwing up. We thought he was doing better yesterday and he relapsed today and threw up twice. Fortunately for me I was only sick 24 hours. Dh has been great about helping me clean up the messes and try and keep Sawyer hydrated. So, we are hopeful that he will be on the mend and that we can have Christmas in the next day or so.

Even though the little guy has been sick, he has been in good spirits and Santa came to see him. He has been able to play some and the best present Santa brought were more episodes of Curious George for him to watch.

I hope things will stabilize here so I can get some video uploaded to show y'all some awesome Christmas lights we got to see over the weekend. They are going to knock your socks off. The pictures and videos I took don't do them justice. One display we saw has actually been featured on HGTV.

If you are sick at home I wish you a speedy recovery. And if you are well, I pray you don't catch this nasty stuff. So, that is the update from here. I hope to have a more cheery post soon.

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Paula said...

Hope you feel better soon. I know that you hated to cancel Christmas at your home after you had planned for it and were looking forward to hosting everyone. I'm looking forward to seeing your light photos. We didn't get to see many lights this year.

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