Friday, December 5, 2008

Fabulous Favorite Friday

Hi everyone. I feel bad for not posting in a while, but things have been crazy. Sawyer has been fighting a cold since last Monday and has been so grouchy. We finally started him on an antibiotic today, so Lord willing he will get well soon. Between him being sick and not getting tons of sleep, it has been a tad rough. But, my one saving grace is that my sweet little Logan is such a good baby. If he were collicky I don't know what I'd do.

But, I did want to get back on track this week and at least get a Fabulous Favorite Friday post in. I hope to at least keep up the Friday posts.

So, my first item I'm featuring today are the Chex Mix bars. I've tried the Turtle and they come in Dark Chocolate. I got the dark chocolate for dh. The turtle ones are so good. It is a nice snack to throw in your purse to go.
My second FFF pick is the 2008 Toyota Highlander. That would be my new car! With having a second child, we were in desperate need of a vehicle that could hold two car seats comfortably and that I could haul around the double stroller. We've been shopping around for months and because of the great deals we were able to purchase one of these. This picture (found online) looks like mine. I wanted white, but ended up getting silver but I really do like the silver.

I've never had a brand new car, so it has been exciting getting this vehicle. We picked it up on Black Friday (thus the reason for no post last week). The ride is so smooth and I like being up a little higher to see the road. The V6 engine lets me kick it so those truckers don't come up on me and the babies too quick. LOL

And one of the silly things I like about it is the big knobs on the radio. It helps to have those knobs right there so if I need to turn the Christmas music down to calm a screaming two year old, I can do that.

Another positive about the car is the smooth ride that will get a fussy baby to sleep at 11 at night. Fortunately I've only had that happen once. It also has great little storage nooks and the seats are so comfortable. We have always been big fans of Toyota, so I'd highly recommend checking out the Highlander if you are in the market for a new vehicle.

So, those are some things going on in my neck of the woods. I hope all is well for you and that you are enjoying the holidays. It is hard to believe Christmas is 20 days away. Yikes!

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