Monday, February 23, 2009

The Real Housewives of the OC

This weekend I got a chance to catch up on the season finale of the Real Housewives of Orange County. I just started watching the OC Housewives about 2 months ago when I caught a bunch of the shows on reruns and then I started dvring the new episodes.

Spoiler alert. Do not read past this if you have not seen the season finale.
Ok, I thought the end of this show was good, but I was so sad. I have really liked Gretchen and was so sad to hear that the guy she was engaged to died of cancer. I am wondering if she was will be back next season with all that going on. I did see that Bravo is going to have a recap on Tuesday night. I can't wait to watch.

From watching the show, I have liked Jeana and hope that she is back and that she finds someone nice. It has been interesting to see her in action. She seems genuine, but I wouldn't want to get on her bad side.

I think for me the jury is still out on whether or not I like Vicki. I think everyone see's that she and her husband need marriage counseling asap. They both need to learn how to communicate with each other and find a hobby that they can do together. She seems to be a great business woman and kudos to her for all she is doing with that. I do hope she can get some of her family issues resolved. Because with this economy, who knows if her business could tank and family is so imporant.

The one word that comes to mind with her is "ick". She is such a sad person. At 40+ she has so much growing up to do. I don't like it that she has been mean and jealous of Gretchen. And her son Ryan is such a screw up. And sheseems to have an interesting relationship with her husband. He is screaming metrosexual. From the commercials for the recap show coming up Tuesday, she looks like she is as confrontational and catty as ever.

Lynne. Dear, sweet, clueless, "pothead" Lynne. I thought I would die laughing when the Housewives called her pothead when they first met her. I wish she would parent instead of trying to be the cool mom. It has done her oldest a diservice. And she wonders why she doesn't want to get a job.

If you go to Bravo's website you can see the cuff bracelets she makes. They run $200. You'd have to be smoking some pot to pay that for them. There is something endearing about Lynne. I liked it that she did check up on Gretchen after Tamra's dinner party this season.

Well, those are my thoughts about the Real Housewives of the OC. The Real Housewives of NYC season premiere started last Tuesday so if you are wanted to catch that one the rerun is going to be on Bravo on Tuesday as well as a new episode. Apparently the Countess is going off about something and I'm all about seeing a Countess go off. I'm sure I'll be posting about that show in the future. I'd love to hear if you are watching either of these shows and your thoughts.


Bemused Observer said...

Shelly, I have never even considered watching this show UNTIL NOW. So I guess I'll have to tune in because of reading this blog entry!!!!

Christina said...

Hey I'm very surprised to see you are a housewives fan too. I'm love watching those shows. I do prefer the oc over ny and I never watched the atl one. I was also very sad when they said that Jeff had passed away. I am glad that he had a beautiful women by his side that seemed to love him. I hope we can get together soon for dinner.