Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Smart Samples

I love getting free samples from companies like Tide, Kraft Foods, and other food and health and beauty companies. I've been signing up to get lots of free samples lately. I love going to the mailbox and having either a sample product waiting or a coupon for a free product. It is so much nicer than just finding the bills. LOL

I wanted to share a tip that I used last year to smartly use the samples I've been sent. As I mentioned, Tide is just one company that is great about sending out samples of their detergent. Anytime I see a free offer for a sample, I sign up for it. What I do is save up these samples so that when it is time for us to go on our beach vacation, I have a number of these.

Last year this worked out great because I had the detergent samples to take with us to use for a few loads of laundry. I didn't have to lug a big bottle of detergent with me and I could easily dispose of the small packets.

Also, I like to get samples of shampoo and conditioner. I then pack those in my suitcase for our beach trip. I can easily dispose of the small bottles and they don't take up a lot of space.

Another thing I did last year is I had received a number of different coupons for things like free cereal and snacks. I saved those coupons and took them with us on our beach trip. It was a great way to try some new things and also save on our grocery bill for the trip.

One of my favorite sources for free samples is Vocalpoint. They've just recently had a free sample for Pantene shampoo. If you haven't joined them, be sure to check them out. They got a really cool program and I've been able to try some cool products for free. There is no charge to join.

So that is one way I'm already planning for summer vacation. How about you? Do you have any good tips for preparing for a summer beach trip?

Hope you are having a great day in your neck of the woods!

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Shonda said...

Great ideas! Well, I tried to register for Vocalpoint and something is screwed up. I have emailed the tech support so hopefully I'll get online with it soon. If not, I feel bad that I'll miss out on a great site.

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