Monday, June 28, 2010

Here is the scoop...

Oh heavens what a week it was last week. I had so many plans. So many dreams. We left a week ago yesterday to go to the Outer Banks on vacation. I had every intention of blogging "live" from the beach. I had a fun giveaway. It was going to be the event of the blogging season. And then Sunday morning, as I was full of beach excitement, my youngest son woke up with a fever. A fever. How could he have a fever? The morning we were going to leave. Did he not hear momma talking about our fun trip to the beach?

So, I threw him in the car and headed to Patient First. I had a very bad experience at a different Patient First location years ago and swore they'd drag my cold, dead body inside before I'd ever set foot in another one. Well, beach panic set in and I went ahead against my better judgement and went. Because I knew we'd be going to a place that might not have a doctor close by.

We rolled into Patient First and the doctor said that he had an ear infection in the right and one starting on the left. He gave us a prescription and we went home. He said we could go on our trip, just alternate the Tylenol and Motrin to help with the fever and we would be good to go.

Little Logan was such a good patient in the car and even ate great when we stopped at a Target on the way down. I was tickled and thought we'd be in great shape by Tuesday at the latest. Oh how I was wrong.

We got settled and then all of a sudden it was bedtime. So I got the kids to bed. At about 3 a.m. Logan wakes me up and he is burning up. He has a temperature of 102 and it going up, so I throw him in the bath and give him medicine. We get him settled and try to get some such eye. Monday was a wash because we were tired from not sleeping. Go to bed that night and then I get at 4 a.m. with him and he is burning up. I give him Motrin and throw him in the bath. He was burning up 30 minutes after both of those so I take his temperature and it was 103.6. I cried. Neither of my boys have ever had a temperature that high. I was so afraid he would have a seizure since that can happen when temperatures get that high. Fortunately the Motrin and the bath helped.

I found out that there was a pediatrician's office about an hour from where we were staying and first thing the next morning we got an appointment. I tell him what has been going on and he looks at my son's ears. He says he doesn't have an ear infection. I was so annoyed. He isn't able to tell me what is going on, but mentions roseola and hand and mouth or whatever they call that disease. I always mess up the name of that one. Well, by the next day we could see dots on Logan so we are pretty sure he had roseola. He didn't break out with a ton of spots, but my older son didn't either when he got it. Fortunately for us by Thursday the fever was gone.

I was so blessed to be on vacation with my in laws and I have two sisters in law and a future brother in law who also went. They were all wonderful to deal with a sick, screaming kid. They pitched in and helped out so much. The trip would have been a total wash if it weren't for them. So I didn't get any rest on vacation, but I did get to do some fun things that I will share with you this week.

Today I'm headed to the grocery store because we have a crisis on our hands. We are out of Frosted Cheerios. I think the Secret Service might even be aware of this since my son was not happy about our lack of O's this morning. LOL

Oh, and that fun giveaway I mentioned I wanted to do will start tomorrow. So be sure to come on back and check it out.

I hope you are having a great summer and fabulous day in your neck of the woods!

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