Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Solar light show

Solar lights in the garden? Do you have them? Do you love them? This year I decided I was going to get some to put in my back yard. I've liked the look of little lights, but I haven't been impressed with the solar lights I've seen in some folks yards in the past. To me they haven't put out enough light.

I decided to roll the dice and buy some at Wal Mart this year and I'm pleased to say I haven't been disappointed. The little ones were 3 a piece and I just bought a few. It makes me happy at night to look at in the backyard and see the little lights shining in the night. It reminds me of little fairies out in the dark. And now that the lightning bugs are out, it looks like a little lights show out there.

I wanted to share a few pix of some of my plants this year. This first picture is of a planet I've never had before. It said it was good for partial sun and that is what I get in the backyard. This plant has been beautiful since I potted it. I love the delicate looking bell petals and the different colors. The name of this plant is escaping me, but if you see it I highly recommend it.

This second picture is of a planter of rose moss. I love this stuff. It will self seed and will spread in a planter box. I have some in this single container and I did put some in one of my planter boxes. This will keep going right through the hard August heat and the beautiful colors don't disappoint.

This is just one of my petunias. I bought a bunch of red ones and have them on my back deck. A sweet little humming bird comes to visit us and he loves the nectar from the red ones. So I try to get some for him every year. I added white and purple this year. They keep on trucking too.
I don't have pictures, but we've got tomato plants out back, as well as a pepper plant. The tomato's are going crazy because we've had a lot of rain lately. I can't wait for fresh tomatoes.

So this is how my garden grows? Do you garden? If so, what have you got going?

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