Tuesday, December 6, 2011

12 Days of Christmas

Ok, it is December 6th and I am scratching my head wondering how the last 6 days just flew by?  We've been busy having fun. So I'm glad that before things got even crazier than normal, I made a plan.

My husband and I are in that tough preschooler phase where we don't get much time by ourselves. It is hard to be romantic. We are lucky if we can have a normal conversation where someone isn't interrupting by shoving a sippy cup in our face demanding milk, or having a melt down about something. 

So yesterday I decided to start the 12 days of Christmas.  I've been sneaking out to his car and leaving him presents and notes.  Yesterday I had a fun box of candy with Ralphie from The Christmas Story movie.  And today I decided to do something bigger.  I found one of those kits to decorate your car like  a reindeer with the antlers and the red nose.  They had them at Dollar Tree.  I figured for the price, it would be a great joke. We are always joking about those kits because my sister hates them.  So when dh went out this morning, he came back in the house laughing.  It really made his day. I think he is going to look forward to his surprises.  And hopefully he will see how much I love him and the thought I put into each little thing.  I'll keep you updated on the other goodies I've found.

So, that is some of the fun things going on around here.  What are you doing that is fun and festive?

Hope you are having a great day in your neck of the woods!

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