Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Decorations 2011 - Part Two

I have felt limited in what I could do in the last few years with having small children. But this year I've been able to change things up a bit and that has made me so happy.  Before the holidays, I started seeing a lot of beautiful pins on Pinterest.  It really intrigued me that people had these over the top, gorgeous garlands used on mantels and what not.  I love the use of ribbon and mesh and decided I wanted to do that at my house.

One day I went to my local Ben Franklin and I was tickled to see they had the large mesh ribbon that I had seen on Pinterest.  I love the look of the lime green color that I've seen coming into Christmas decorations the last few years.  I think it adds a bright, whimsical look. And with having small children, I thought that would fit in great at our house.  So, I purchased red mesh and then got wide green ribbons to add.  I also bought red and green ting ting.  If you've never heard of that before, that is the sparkly twisted branches that florists use in arrangements.  I used that to tuck in my garlands, as well as my Christmas tree.

So, here is a picture of my garland going up the rail to go upstairs.  I decided to put our stockings there this year so that the boys wouldn't pull them down off the fireplace.  We have heavy nutcracker stocking holders and I didn't want the kids to get hurt, or break the holders. 

This picture is of my fireplace mantel.  As you can see, I have my nutcracker collection up there. I've run out of space for nutcrackers, so the collecting is done. 

The wire mesh is really wide.  To fashion it into the garland the way I wanted, I unrolled it a little at a time and then I bunched it into poofs (yes, that is a technical term - LOL) and held it in place with floral wire.  Floral wire is my best friend when Christmas decorating.  Once I got my wide mesh garland in place, I then went over it with a roll of the red and green ribbon.  I then had a wide roll of shiny ribbon that I would cut a piece out and fold in half to make it look like half a bow.  I then wired that into the center of where the poofs came together on the red mesh garland.  I also added that crazy bright green "rope".  That stuff was so much fun to work with. It came in a package with four strands.  I just started tucking it into my garland and it naturally would curl into loops. 

My final step to putting my garland together was to tuck the ting ting in. 

I know this looks very elaborate, but I'm telling you that you could do this too.  And the thing that was great about these supplies is I was able to do my fireplace mantel, the garland I picture above, as well as I adding some of these supplies to my Christmas tree and I still have some left over.  Most of the rolls came in 25 feet which went a long way. So for spending no more than $30 in supplies, I got a lot of bang for my buck.

I hope to post more pictures of my decorations, including my Christmas tree.  Hope you are having a great day in your neck of the woods.

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