Sunday, January 6, 2008

Creative Cooking


Well, my child has entered that wonderful stage where it is becoming more difficult to feed him. He is snubbing his nose up at Stage 3 baby food, so it has now become more of a challenge to find things he can eat. He has been good at eating a variety of things, he has never been picky thank goodness. I was mostly using the baby food to make sure he got his veggies in. The biggest hurdle has been to find things he can chew since he still doesn't have a lot of teeth. I want us to keep on track since he has been such a good eater.

I remembered seeing Jerry Seinfeld's wife on tv a few months ago with a new cookbook she had out that helped her with getting her kids to eat vegetables. She incorporated different purees into recipes. I thought it would be great to get a copy of this cookbook. Thursday night I remembered that someone in my MOPS group is a nutritionist, so I gave her a call to ask if she had this book. The reviews I was reading on Amazon were a little confusing. Sure enough she had the book and brought it to our Friday meeting. While I was looking at it, another mom in our group came over and was excited to see the book. She has it too and she had actually made a number of recipes in it. She gave a very favorable review of the Peanut Butter muffins, and a number of the pasta dishes. Her kids were very receptive to the recipes and liked them. That sold it for me.

Friday afternoon my husband and I went out looking for the book while we were running errands. Someone had mentioned Target had the cook book, but then my husband suggested we check out Sam's Club. Eureka! They had it and for the best price in town, $15.13. You can't beat that. Gotta love getting some use out of that Sam's Club membership.

So, I wanted to share this find with all of you. I hope to make some of the recipes soon and I'll post a review of them here on the blog.

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