Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Deceptively Delicious Recipe Review #5

Deceptively Delicious Recipe #5 Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Ok, when I made this recipe I got inspired and started to take video of the different stages of making the cookies. Then YouTube took forever to upload the videos. I saved some of the early video shots to a place on my computer where I can't find them. So, I just put on here the last two stages of the process.

Some lessons learned on this recipe are that I would use a food processor to chop up the chickpeas. I think it would make it easier to mix. I have a Kitchen Aide stand mixer so I have a powerful mixer, but I just think they would incorporate better if they were whipped up in the food processor first.

The first video is of me taking out the cookies so you can see the finished product. Please remember that I was doing this video at 10 o'clock at night, so I was pretty tired. The next video is of our taste tester eating one of the cookies.

This recipe makes cookies that have a moist texture. They aren't quite as moist as a muffin, but definitley moister than other chocolate chip cookies. If you've had Famous Amos Chocolate Chip cookies, these are definitley not as hard and crunchy as those.

Our final family vote for this recipe was 4 Cheerios. They aren't the worst best chocolate chip cookies, but they aren't half bad either.

My next review is going to be of the Quesadilla recipe. That one will probably be posted over the weekend, or Monday at the latest. Of course barring any technical difficulties.

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