Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Target Dollar Spot

There is always an excitement in the air when Target changes out their dollar spot in the front of the store. Whoever came up with that area was a marketing genius. Who doesn't love that junk. And, with it being a $1 you must have one of everything. It is so easy to get sucked in.

One of my favorite things they've had in recent months have been the little board books. They are the perfect length for reading at bed time, or to let my little guy just thumb through. He likes to sit and flip through the pages. Those little cardboard books are so great for him to flip through because he can't tear them up. Yet.

I must say I've seen some cute things now that they've replaced all their dollar spot items and they now have out the Valentine's Day things. My husband was so sweet and surprised me with a number of the scrapbooking things. I am hoping that I can make a few Valentine's before Valentine's Day actually gets here. The fun papers, glitter glue and brads will be so fun to work with.

I've decided that the span from January to March is too grey and depressing, so at some point in the future when my son gets older, I am going to do a Valentine's party. There are too many cute things out not to celebrate. Of course I say this now until I start planning on having a bunch of sugared up, wild kids in my house. Maybe the days aren't so grey. LOL

I hope to make one of the recipes from Deceptively Delicious sometime this week and I'll give a review.

Toodles for now!


Serah said...

You know I love the Target Dollar Spot! And I totally agree with the Valentine party idea. Truth be told, I'm already thinking about Easter egg hunts!

Hope you're feeling better!

Focus Group of 1 said...

I too LOVE all things Target and love the 1 spot.
Do you know anywhere on the net where folks update what are the finds in the 1spot?? Seems like twice a year they have loads of cute reading glasses. Wish I knew when to make sure I find some!

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