Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Monkey Mania

This past Saturday our little guy celebrated his 2nd birthday. It was another wonderful milestone to reach with him. For those who may be new to my blog, my son was born at 25 weeks and weighed 1 pound 12 ounces. He is such a little miracle to us and we feel so blessed that he is a healthy, happy, normal little guy. He has brought us so much joy.

With baby number 2 on the way, we decided to just have a family party this year. I still wanted to do a fun theme so I decided to do a Curious George theme. Crazy me decided to make his birthday cake this year. It wasn't too hard and it turned out ok. We have a Baker's supply store in our area and that is where I got the Curious George cake topper. I went to Michael's and the grocery stores, but they didn't have anything. I just made a regular sheet cake with confetti boxed cake mix. To make the green piping on the side, I used my Pampered Chef decorator. I used a pastry bag to do the lettering. I found it was easier to take a tooth pick and gently write a few letters and then go over that with the icing. Otherwise my letters would not have been close in size and I would have probably run out of room. As you'll see in the picture, I made two cakes to make sure we had enough for the family. For the chocolate iced one, I used canned frosting too, but it was whipped icing. I am going to buy that kind from now on. It was a lot easier to spread.

I had banana chips as one of the snacks on the table. I also did frozen bananas, but we never got to them. We had pizza, cake and ice cream.

I found a little Curious George outfit at Wal Mart that I thought would be cute for Sawyer to wear to the party.

The balloon sign on the door I bought at Dollar Tree and then used my Cricut Die cut machine to cut out the letters and added a picture of Sawyer on it to make it personalized. I also had a balloon with letters minus the picture on our mailbox to decorate it.

I found the glittery palm trees and the palm tree garland at Dollar Tree. The palm tree garland came 3 in a pack.

I made a pinata out of newspaper since dh's older cousins came over. The goal was to make it look like Curious George, but I ran out of time so dh used wrapping paper to cover it and put streamers on it. It was a great thing to have for the older kids and they loved it. I only made it out of 3 layers of newspaper and that was just the right amount so it didn't break immediatley, but it wasn't impossible to get it. Here I am trying to help Sawyer take a swing at the pinata.

So, here we are celebrating our little guy's big day.


Paula said...

Happy Birthday to Sawyer! I love the Curios George things and all of the cute decorations that you made and found to coordinate. Great job on the cakes!!

Beaufort Belle said...

Happy Birthday Sawyer!! You did a fantastic job on the party, everything looks wonderful. It's so hard to believe after following his blog that he is 2 already!! They grow up so fast.

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