Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Barbie!

Have you heard the news? The Barbie doll turns 50 today. I hope I look that good at 50. LOL I love my boys, but the one thing I am sad about is not having a little girl to play Barbies. But, I plan on playing Barbies with my niece Harper when she is big enough.

Barbies were hands down one of my favorite childhood toys. My sister and I used to have lots of different Barbies and would have hours of fun playing with them. A friend of mine was into Barbies too, so it was fun to go over to her house to play Barbies or have her come to my house. I had the Barbie house that had the elevator that went up and she had the Barbie dream house. She also had the Barbie swimming pool which was so much fun to get to play with.

I remember when I got my Skipper doll. I had to go to the doctor's and they had to run tests and needed blood work. The lady in the lab had a really hard time getting blood from me and had to keep sticking me. I've always had small veins and it is always hard from lab folks to stick me. It freaked me out and I cried and cried. My mom told them we needed a break and she was going to take me out and bring me back. We left and she took me to the store and said I could pick out a Barbie if I'd go back. I had to be about 6 or 7 years old. I decided to pick out a Skipper doll because I didn't have one. That Skipper doll helped me through that icky experience.

I remember my dad fussing when we were kids because no matter how much we would try, a Barbie shoe always seemed to not make it in the clean up box. Now as an adult tripping over kids toys, I have an appreciation for stepping on things like Barbie shoes.

About 9 or 10 years ago I decided I wanted to start collecting Barbie Christmas ornaments. My wonderful husband was able to find me a pink Christmas tree. I have enough ornaments now to pretty well fill up the tree. It is so girly and frou frou and I just love it. I decided this year to not continue buying the ornaments since they take up a lot of space and I pretty much have a lot to fill up the tree. I'll have to post a picture when Christmas comes around.

Do you have any found Barbie memories? I'd love to hear if you do.

Happy Birthday Barbie. You've come a long way baby!


Elysabeth said...

I just found a bunch of vintage 80s Barbies on etsy. I freaked out with excitement, especially when I found this pretty peach clad barbie. Ahhh, memories!!

Bemused Observer said...

I got so sad when I read about you getting lab work, Shell. Your mom is my new role model!!!!!! She stood up for you AND convinced you to let the lab tech finish.

We used to hang our Barbie shoes by the heels on the mesh of our fireplace screen. I bet a couple of them are still melted there!!!
And I also bet that your dad stepped on a Barbie shoe in his bare feet, which is why he wanted them all picked up. . .

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