Saturday, March 7, 2009

What! Is this a Saturday post?

I never post on Saturday's, but there are two things that merit me posting today. First, today is the day we spring ahead with the time change. So don't forget to change your clocks tonight. It is such a hassel changing all the watches I've got. Oh crap, I just realized I've got to change the clock in my car and I haven't had to do that yet. I guess I'll have to get the owner's manual out.

The second reason I'm posting today is that it is Willard Scott's birthday. Willard is turning 75 today and I think that is so cool. I've actually met Willard Scott about 10 years ago. It was through the job I had at the time. He came and did a spot at the state capitol and I was able to be there when they did the spot. I got to shake his hand. The guy is a nut (I mean that in the nicest way) and very high energy. It was neat to see him working first hand. He is a very nice guy.

Some interesting trivia I found out when I was looking him up on Wikipedia to add a picture of him for this post, Willard Scott is credited with creating the Ronald McDonald character for McDonald's. Apparently he was the first Ronald and appeared in a number of commercials. Wikipedia says they canned him due to his weight. Go figure.

So Happy Birthday Willard Scott. I hope you make it another 25 years so your face can be on the Smucker's Jar. Just think how sweet it is.

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