Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Two Tip Tuesday

Howdy folks. Another Monday has come and gone and we are marching forward into the week. The heavens opened up and poured yesterday for half the day. We were glad when the sun came back out after such a rainy morning. It set me back for running errands. I hate when that happens. There just aren't enough hours in the day. I guess everyone feels like that these days.

For Two Tip Tuesday today, I wanted to share some important information I've heard recently. The first tip is kind of hard to type, but very important.

The first tip I have for you today is about the ickiest, most vile creature on earth, the snake. I shudder as I type this. I HATE snakes. Sorry, but I can't stand them. When I was growing up my grandmother put the fear of snakes in us because she lived in the country. Snakes and sharks are the two animals I fear the most. I'm not found of lizards and spiders, but I figure I'm bigger than them so I have a fighting chance. Anyway, I heard on the news at the end of last week that the emergency vet has already seen 30 dogs this year that have been bitten by copperheads. They said that if you come across a dead snake, don't pick it up with your hands. That apparently even hours after they've died the bite reflex is still intact and you can still get bitten. So, I'd hate for any of y'all to have that happen to you so I'd suggest running the other way if you see a snake dead or alive. Better yet get your SUV and run the thing over. Sorry, but I just don't do snakes.

The second tip I have for you today is a craft tip of sorts. I've shared with y'all that I've been buying the Simply Best Orange Juice and Simply Lemonade & Limeaide. Well, I like the containers that the juice comes in. I've decided to fill them with beans to let Sawyer make maracas out of them. I thought it might be a fun thing for us to do together. I'm sure once he starts shaking the heck out of them I'll regret that decision. But, until then we'll go ahead and make it a fun project.

So, my advice to you this Tuesday is don't handle snakes and look for creative ways to recycle things around the house.

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