Monday, June 1, 2009

Mocktail Monday

Happy Monday everyone. We've had a busy, but fun filled weekend. We took Sawyer to our local strawberry farm on Saturday and picked strawberries. He had a blast and it was such fun seeing him interact with the farm animals and help us pick strawberries. I had to very careful chuck some of them out when he wasn't looking. We haven't learned the fine art of picking strawberries yet. LOL

It is hard to believe it is June 1st, but June is finally here and summer is starting to get in full swing. Summer is my favorite time of the year. I thought it would be fun for the month of June to have posts every Monday that I'm calling Mocktail Mondays. Each Monday I'm going to feature a fun drink recipe that doesn't require any alcohol. Since I'm still nursing my little one, some fun drink recipes without alcohol will hit the spot this summer. And I'm sure that if you require alcohol you'll be able to figure out something to add to these. There are many days with these two little ones driving me crazy that I feel I require alcohol, so it is probably a good thing I'm still nursing.

The recipe I'm featuring today uses Simply Best Orange Juice I mentioned a few weeks ago in one of my Fabulous Favorite Friday posts. I used their Orange/Pineapple blend juice to make this. As you can see, I have a pretty large glass. What I did was pour a can on 7Up in the glass. Then I just filled up the rest of the glass with the Orange/Pineapple juice. I would guess that it was no more than 1/2 a cup. After that I added about a teaspoon (I'm guessing, I just eyeball it) of grenadine syrup. That is what gives it that pretty red color at the bottom. Add your straw and you are in business. It would also be good to add maraschino cherries to this drink, but I didn't have any. How do you like my fancy umbrella tucked in my straw? I'm may not be sitting on the beach in Maui having Mai Tais, but I can still enjoy something fun at home. So, I suggest you get yourself some cute straws and little umbrellas for your drinks. In the past I've seen unique things like that at Pier One. I see a Pier One trip in my future soon.

Don't you just love my fun glass? I got a set of those a few years back at Stein Mart. I just love using them in the summer. If you are looking for something cute like that I'd of course check Stein Mart, but if you don't have that in your area then I'd check Kohl's. They have cute glasses for the summer too. And of course who could forget checking out the Target.

So, I'll raise my glass in Cheers to you this first Mocktail Monday of the month. Hope you are having a great day. Be sure to stop by tomorrow for Two Tip Tuesday.


Lisa B. said...

Oh this sounds like fun. Looking forward to each one.

Terri said...

Cheers to you and thanks for the reminder that it is strawberry picking time. I don't actually eat them, but picking them is fun!

Lisa Carroll said...

looks yummy! thanks for sharing.