Friday, July 16, 2010

DSW Shoe Warehouse Michael Kors Score

Check out my cute new flip flops. They are Michael Kors and they were marked down to $39.94 with 70% off that. I love that 70% off sticker! I haven't been to DSW in forever, so I was glad to make a great find while I was there.

So, that is my chic deal of the week. Have you found any good deals lately?


Kelly N. said...


Those Michael Kors flip flops are outstanding! We have such great deals!

Thanks for blogging about the great find at DSW. Email me at for a special thank-you treat!


Kelly N. Cook
Marketing VP & Shoe Lover, DSW

P.S. I'm married to a SAHD. Wished I could get him to blog about shoes!!!

Chandra said...

Score! I can always count on DSW to not break my account or burst my budget!

Excellent find!


albina N muro said...

DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse "This is the best DSW in Georgia. ... I have the most amazing red suede boots from last season from Michael Kors .... the right side of the store, $20 coupon in hand, and score a ridiculous deal. reviews

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