Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oh I wish I was an Oscar Mayer Wiener...Mobile

Hot Diggity Dog! Remember that jingle from Oscar Mayer? Ok, I'm dating myself now. I'm sure someone is scratching their head. I miss good, catchy jingles like that.

A week ago last Friday, July 2nd, we had the chance to meet up with the Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile. The young guy and girl who were the Oscar Mayer ambassadors or "hot doggers" as they are known were fabulous, energetic and fun. The weather was beautiful and we were so excited to "ketchup" with these great folks.

The gentleman who was with the Wienermobile (I feel awful, his name is escaping me) was so enthusiastic and said that he and his fellow hot dogger had just started their year long journey in the Wienermobile. If you haven't had the pleasure, you've got to check out the adventures of the hot doggers on their blog http://hotdoggerblog.com/ I found out about their blog last year and have periodically checked in. I found out as well that they are on Twitter and I've enjoyed seeing their tweets fly documenting their cross country adventures.

In case you didn't know, there are a few different Wienermobiles that drive in different regions across the country. The two hot doggers drive around together for 6 months, then they get to trade off and travel with a different partner in another region. What a great way to see the country. These two hot doggers I met had just graduated from college and had been on the road a month.

I found it interesting that they don't to have a special license to drive the Wienermobile. I was wondering if you'd have to have a CDL license or something, but they said no. So even I could go and drive the Wienermobile. Hmmm. Now that is a thought. Buns on the run.

When we were on vacation the week before, I found these cute hot dog t-shirts for my boys at the Gap Outlet. I thought they were cute and I'd get them matching shirts. Then I found out when we got home that the Wienermobile was coming to our area in Virginia, so I was excited for the boys to wear their shirts. The hot doggers immediately saw their shirts and loved them and they are even in the Oscar Mayer colors. Maybe Oscar Mayer would like to have my boys as mini hot doggers? Or, I guess you could call them cocktail wieners since they are little? LOL
It was a "bunderful" time to "ketchup" with the hot doggers. We "relished" every moment.

If you want the chance to meet up with the Wienermobile, check out the hot dogger blog and also keep an eye open at your local grocery stores. Our local Kroger played host and I saw the sign in the store while shopping one day.
I hope you are having a wonderful day in your neck of the woods!

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