Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Baby Update

The last 24 hours has been quite the roller coaster. I went to the ob yesterday morning and they performed a test of me which unfortunatley came back positive. So, that means I'm at high risk for delivering baby Logan in the next few weeks. I have been put on bed rest and can only leave the house to go to ob appointments. Also, as a precautionary measure, they wanted me to get steroid shots which accelerate the growth of the babies lungs. You get two shots and they are given within 24 hours. I got the first one this morning and I'll get the second one tomorrow. I had these with our first son Sawyer, and I am convinced that is the reason he has done so well. So, I am grateful to get them even though I hate getting shots.

We have been able to get child care for Sawyer in our home which is such a blessing. I cried and cried yesterday at the thought of him not being home with me, so I am so grateful that we can have help in our home so he can be in a place where he is familiar. It is so hard to be in a position where I can't be the mommy I want to be to him right now. But, the blessing is it is for a short amount of time.

The ob is optimistic that we can hang on a few more weeks. We are praying I can make it to 36 weeks. Of course every day, every week is a milestone.

So, right now I'm hanging out at home trying to get rest. I have been working on a knitting a sweater for Logan and also piece together a few scrapbooking projects. Hopefully I'll have something to share later on in the week.

I hope you are having a good week. That is all from our neck of the woods.


Rebecca said...

Hi Shelly. I've thought about you all summer and wondered how things were going. I'm sorry its not ideal, but I am very proud of you for being such a trooper. And, somehow I think down the road you'll be able to help other women who are facing difficulty pregnancies like you've experienced. Can't wait to see pictures of little Logan. I love that name!

Jennifer said...

I am sorry that this is happening to you. Thank goodness in a blink of an eye you will have a new bundle of joy! My son was supposed to be born before Christmas, and then when he wasn't I cried my eyes out. I ached to be holding him in my arms on his first Christmas. I know... nothing like what you are going through. But my point is that once the baby is here you won't remember this time too much. You will be in my prayers!