Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Do you Boo?

I am so excited that tomorrow begins Booing in my neighborhood. What is booing you ask? Well, we started this in my neighborhood a few years ago. There is a cute little poem and sign that you print up. Then you make up goody bags with treats and put the sign and poem/directions in the bags. You sneak over to your neighbors house at night and leave the goodies on the door. Then, they put up their "I've been Boo'd" sign so that other neighbors won't Boo them again. It is just like a chain letter and hopefully keeps spreading to everyone before Halloween gets here. It is best to start it on the first day of the month to let it have a chance to spread. Also, you have to factor in folks taking a few days to get their Boo bags together. There is also one for Christmas called Elfing. I"ll post on that closer to the end of Thanksgiving.

Just in case I went on bed rest, I had picked up some Boo goodies a few weeks ago. So, we are all set to still participate. It is so much fun to wake up and see a Boo bag on your front door. They have started selling Boo kits at Target and Hallmark in the last year. So, if you are interested, you can buy premade things, but I think it is fun to make up your own. We usually do candy and then find little toys for the Halloween bags. The Target dollar spot can be a great place to find these too.

If you do Booing, I'd love to hear from you what you do and what kind of goodies you put in your Boo bags.

Happy Haunting!

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Christina said...

Well we did our first Boo's last night. Amber and I were going outside to start our booing around 9:00 pm and of course the neighbor we were going to boo had walked out the same time. Well we played it off and went back inside our house. About 5minutes later we went back out and delivered our two boos with success. Our section in the neighborhood is still new so I thought this is a great way to start some new friendships. Amber just loved doing this too. Now I can't wait to Elf!!! Thanks Shelly