Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fabulous Favorite Friday

Happy Friday everyone. It is hard to believe that we've made it to the end of the week. It always seems like weeks where there is a holiday last longer.

I'm sad that tonight is Jay Leno's last evening hosting The Tonight Show. I am glad that he will be continuing on with a new show. So, that is something to look forward to for the fall. Thanks for the memories Jay!

Today for my Fabulous Favorite Friday post, I'm posting something that I think everyone can
agree on and that is Cool Whip. As I mentioned in my Two Tip Tuesday post earlier this week not only is Cool Whip yummy to eat, but I've been saving the containers to use to put paint in for Sawyer. I thought we could also use them this summer for making sand castles.

On Monday we went to a Memorial Day cookout and I made this recipe which uses Cool Whip and Chips Ahoy cookies. It is super easy to make. All you do is dip each cookie in milk (don't soak them, just quickly dunk) and then line your dish with the cookies. Once you have a layer of cookies then cover it with a layer of Cool Whip.
Continue doing that until you have your dish filled.

As you can see from the picture, I used a disposable metal pan and to fill that up it took a whole container of Chips Ahoy cookies and then about half of a sleeve of a second container. I also used two of the smaller containers of Cool Whip. If you like lots of Cool Whip and are using a container like this then I'd recommend getting one of those larger sized containers and maybe a small one with it. That way you can make sure you have plenty. It just depends on how thick you want to do the Cool Whip layer. I had enough by using the two smalls, but I think I would have liked having a little bit more. It would have made it a tad easier to spread.

This is one of my husband's favorite desserts. My mother in law makes it and she shared the recipe with me a few years ago. When she gave me the recipe, she did say it makes a difference on whether you use Chips Ahoy or not. Chips Ahoy cookies seem to dunk in the milk the best.

This recipe hits the spot when the weather is hot. Keep it in mind for any summer cookouts you might have.

Just in case you missed it somehow, Kraft Foods has had some great printable coupons recently and you'll want to jump on printing them today. A lot of times they will reset the coupons at the beginning of the month. I used mine to get a great deal on the Cool Whip and Chips Ahoy cookies to make this dish. Check out Deal Seeking Mom's post to see where you can get your Kraft Coupons.

Hope you have a great weekend!


Lynn said...

oh yum!!! i can see why that dessert is a fav!

Lisa B. said...

Oh that sounds so yummy and right up our alley! I will have to make this for dessert tonight. Thanks for sharing.

Linda Rodriguez said...

Oh boy - chocolate chip cookies and Cool Whip - two of my son's fave things. I'll definitely have to try this recipe for him. TFS! :)

Lisa B. said...

I made it and hubby loved it! I posted it on my blog with a link back to you. :)

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