Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Things I love on Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Today I thought I'd share things I love right now.  Of course the obvious are my family, but here are some other things I'm loving as well.

 A few months ago Target sent me a cute little makeup bag full of different products. My favorite product was this Neutrogena naturals lip balm.  They sell it at Target, but you have to gone on the aisle where they have the Neutrogena face lotions and stuff like that.  They don't sell these with the lip balms.  I will warn you this stuff will run you about $2.99 a tube, but it is so worth it. I have had cracked and bleeding lips in recent weeks from having to be on sinus medicine.  I used this tube and my lips were better in no more than 24 hours.  This stuff works great and you don't have to use a ton of it.  My son has severe chapped lips and I'm going to start using this on him too.  This has Vitamin E in it which my pediatrician told me is good for people with dry skin.  My son has eczema and we have found Vitamin E oil to rub on that and it has helped that as well. I should have posted that as well.  Consider this a two for one post. LOL

 These are my Valentine's Decorations in the bay window of my kitchen. The pretty, large felt hearts I got at Dollar Tree, as well as the hearts that are streamers that hang down.  The little hearts you see clipped to my curtains are a craft project I made a few years ago.  You can read about it here

 I know this picture of Logan is from Christmas, but I wanted to tell about how much we love Lowe's  and their Build and Grow workshops.  I put this picture up because the boys made trains at Christmas.  This by far has been Logan's favorite project.  If you don't have a Lowe's near you, I recommend going on their website and ordering their Build and Grow kits. They have a lot of different ones and they are great to put together.  We love our local Lowe's and "Mr. Ed", the kind gentleman who always puts together the craft of the week so there is an example for us to see.

I got a gift card for Christmas to Bath and Body works and yesterday I was excited to find out that they have their aromatherapy products buy two get one free.  With all the dry air due to the heat running, my skin has been so dry.  So I can't wait to start using their lavender vanilla sugar scrub in the shower.  I got two of those along with some of the lotion.  Now is a great time to stock up, especially if you have a $10 off a $30 purchase.  I was able to use that to get all three things for just a little under $25.

I've blogged about it before, but I have to say again how much I love Pinterest.  And thanks to the Creative Mama Blog for pinning that cute little sign on Pinterest.  If you are on Pinterest, be sure to follow me.  I've got a link button on the top right here on the blog.

So these are some things I love this Valentine's Day.  How about you, what are you loving right now? 

Hope you are having a great day in your neck of the woods!


Kristin said...

Your bay window is SO gorgeous and I heart those darling doilies!

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