Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Big news in our Chic and Crafty World

Breaking News....

Well, I'm happy to finally be able to spill the beans. The reason I haven't been doing any Deceptively Delicious recipe reviews in a while is....I'm pregnant! I haven't felt like trying many new recipes due to morning sickness, but fortunatley it seems that is passing.

Because our son was born at 25 weeks and was 1 pound 12 ounces, I'm considered a high risk pregnancy. Last week I went into the hospital and had a procedure called a cerclage done. That is where they put a stitch in your cervix (not fun). They can't say 100% sure if I have an incompetent cervix, but doing this procedure was the best course of action to hopefully help prevent preterm labor.

I have been told I have to rest 3 hours a day and I've tried to be good. I've been told worst case scenario I could end up on bed rest by 20-25 weeks. We are hoping that won't be the case. I also will have to start giving myself progesterone shots once a week. I have always had a hard time with shots, so having to give them to myself just stinks. But, we will get through it. The specialist is watching me like a hawk and we are praying this little person will stay in as long as he can.

Our little bundle is due November 11th and we are going to find out what we are having. I will probably be able to find out in the next month. And yes, I'll post when I find out. For grins and giggles, I've got a poll at the top. You can vote and tell me what you think I'm having.

A Healthy Discovery
I've recently seen on different news segments that Pomegranate juice is supposed to be really healthy for you. So, last week I decided to buy a bottle and give it a try. It reminds me of a sweeter version of cranberry juice. I have to say that when my sweet tooth starts up, just having a small glass of this juice helps.

I wanted to show y'all the bottle I bought. I bought this at Wal Mart. They sell this brand. I bought this on the juice aisle. BTW, if you think you don't want to try it by itself, I did see where you could get the pomegranate blended with another juice flavor. That might be great for a smoothy or something. There is another brand of pomegranate juice called POM. They sell that in the produce section with the chilled fruit.

This juice isn't cheap. There are 32 ounces in my bottle and that set me back about $3. But, its like I always tell my husband it costs to eat/drink healthy.

I hope y'all are having a great week.


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DebW said...

Congrats Shelley!Hope it all goes without a hitch!

Jackie G said...

CONGRATS on your exciting news!!! :) I hope all goes well!!

Heather said...

Congratulations! I hope all goes well for you and the baby.

emily said...

Congratulations! Take it easy and be good to yourself! Thanks for the tip on Pomegranate juice...hmmm. might have to try it...

Paula said...

Congratulations! Take care of yourself!

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