Friday, May 16, 2008

Fabulous Favorite Friday


Hello everyone. I hope you are having a happy Friday where you are. Today was a fun day. My MOPS (Mother's of Preschoolers) group met today for our last time before we break for the summer. I am really going to miss those twice monthly meetings. It has been great getting to know some of the ladies in the group.
Today we had a fun game day where they did MommyFear Factor challenges. They had things like put all the kiddie videos with the right case, diaper and cloth a baby doll, make a pb&j with one hand (I won that one) and matching pictures of cartoon characters with phrases from the movie they appeared in, and matching pairs of socks together and putting them in a laundry basket. The winner of all of those challenges had to participate in a final challenge where they put a bowl in front of us which had 4 or 5 gummy worms in some chocolate pudding. You had to fish out and eat the worms with no hands.
Y'all, I hate chocolate pudding so the thought of having to get the worms out was yucky. But, my good friend Shari stepped in and held my hair (the one day I don't put it in a pony tail) and I went to town. Don't y'all know that I got those worms out as quick as I could and I won! It was so funny. They crowned me Miss Fear Factor Mom of 2008. LOL I got a lovely pink tiara and a dozen awesome smelling pink roses. Oh, and those of us who had won the challenges got cute prize baskets. Mine was a collander with bread sticks, pasta, pasta sauce and parmesan cheese. The prize baskets were so cute. The ladies who put it all together did a fabulous job. I wanted to give y'all a lot of detail so if you are in a MOPS group and are looking for something fun to do, you can borrow this idea .

My Fabulous Favorite Friday pick is Stoneyfield YoMommy yogurt. They also make YoBaby yogurt which is how I found out about YoMommy because I was buying it for my son. I'm really not a big fan of milk, so to eat yogurt everyday has helped me with getting in my dairy.

I also buy Stoneyfield's organic milk. I started that when I was pregant with Sawyer. I persoanlly don't taste any difference in organic milk and other milk so switching was not a big deal to me at all. One interesting note is that the expiration on the organic milk lasts longer than on other milk. Go figure. One of my neighbor's said she has noticed that too.

So, if you've never tried the YoMommy give it a try.

Have a great weekend. Next week I'll have a Paula Deen recipe review so be sure to check back.

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Paula said...

I should give this yogurt a try. It looks like the containers are a little smaller than the ones I buy (and usually end up throwing away). I know I need the calcium, but the texture of yogurt or pudding just grosses me out.

I bought my first 1/2 gallon of hormone free milk last week. I have not noticed any difference in the taste. The one I bought came from a local dairy and I like supporting local businesses when I can.

Looking forward to a recipe review!

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