Thursday, May 22, 2008

Picinic Pup and Popsicles


Picinic Pup

We have this small picinic table on our deck for my son and as you can see, it also makes a great place to catch some rays if you are a little princess. Our boston terrier, Miss Zoe, made me laugh last week when I saw she had hopped up on the table and made herself comfortable. One thing about this pup is she can always find a way to make herself comfortable and at home. She doesn't know she is a dog. Can you tell? She looks like she is waiting for us to bring out her treats on a silver platter. LOL

Yogurt Pops

I like yogurt, but sometimes I find that it is hard to make myself take the time to eat it. I decided to start making yogurt pops since the weather is getting warmer. I'm a sucker for sweet things, especially ice cream. But, I wanted to find a better alternative for my sweet tooth. So, I went to Target and found this little popsicle container. This one is a little small, it was in the dollar spot. They do sell one that will make bigger pops. I believe I saw that on one of the ends of the aisles. I may go back and get a bigger make for myself and use this small one for my little guy. I think the small container is great for toddlers.

I bought a number of small containers of different flavors of yogurt. As you can see, 2 are missing. I had two last night. I found a creamsicle yogurt and did that one, along with peach. The creamsicle ones are awesome! I thought my little guy might like to try the peach. So, if you are looking for a way to up your dairy intake and have a healthy treat for yourself and your kids, consider yogurt pops. As Martha Stewart would say, "Yogurt pops. They're a good thing."

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Kathleen said...

Just found your blog. I'm a SAHM and Boston Terrier mom, too. Zoe is just adorable! Love the Fab Friday pics - I'll be checking back for more!

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