Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's a.....

Bouncing Baby Boy!

We found out that the new baby on the way is a little boy. So, I will be the mama of two boys. The great thing is with this being a fall baby, I will get to reuse all of the cute clothes we have. Some of them are like brand new because I couldn't use them with my son when he was on the heart monitor because it was too hard to get the wires through the outfits.

I must admit that over the weekend I did buy one new newborn sleeper that had cranes on it from Target. It was on sale and I wanted to get one special thing for this little bundle.

So, we are very excited and making plans on getting rooms ready. Our oldest will be moved into another room and we will transition to a toddler bed. The new baby will inherit his Zanzibar nursery. It is such a sweet nursery. It is exciting to think of decorating Sawyer's room. I have no idea what we will do yet.

Now the fun begins of trying to come up with another boy's name. Wish us luck. LOL

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Belle-ah said...

WhoooHOOO another sweet little man!

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