Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Monkey Business

Happy Monday! We had a great weekend. The doctor sprung me from bed rest, so it was wonderful to get out and do some things. It was great to be out and about.

One of our little friends will be turning one on Halloween, so we attended a birthday party for her. It was Halloween themed and was so cute. They had pin the nose on the jack o lantern and pumpkin cake. They asked that everyone come in costume. Sawyer wore his monkey costume. He LOVES Curious George, so I knew this would be the perfect costume for him this year. Also, I have a feeling this might be the last year I have a say in what he wears.

We had to get my mom to get this costume for us because all of the 2T sizes in our area were sold out at all of the Toys R' Us stores. Fortunately they had it in her area. Well, when she brought it and when he tried it on a few weeks ago, she and my mother in law laughed because it has a belly on it that sticks out. And with me standing beside him it was pretty comical with me having the pregnant belly and him with the pouchy monkey belly. So, we decided to take a picture of the two of us when we got home from the birthday party. Who has the bigger belly? LOL

I hope y'all are having a great Monday!


denine zielinski said...

How cute is that costume! Love that you compared your bellies...that will be a fun layout to scrap!

southerninspiration said...

You look great, girl...and Sawyer's the cutest little monkey I've ever seen!

happydays525 said...

Cute! =)

Lisa Dickinson said...

love the belly shots! you both are too cute! :)

Suzanne Webb said...

What an adorable custume! Enjoy your time off bed rest :)-

Lisa-Kate said...

Aww, adorable!

senovia said...

Hi! Someone linked to your blog on 2Peas- regarding Christmas ornaments from last year. I hope you don't mind that I spent a little time looking around. I love your crafts, and reading your stories. Good luck with the baby! :) I will have to check back soon and see how it went!

Have a wonderful day!!

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