Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Howl O Ween

Since the doctor said I could ease up a little bit on my bed rest, tonight when dh came home we all hopped in the car and headed out to Petsmart. Last year was the first year we did this. They have an event called Howl O Ween where they take your pets picture and they have a costume contest. Unfortunately we weren't able to do the costume contest this year. We actually won 2nd place last year. I made a costume last year for our Boston Terrier, Miss Zoe. She was an Ipup.

They have a really cute frame they put the picture in. Last year we all got in the picture and we did that again this year. Our little boy has a Halloween shirt with a Boston Terrier on it that has horns on it, so he wore that. My sister bought it for him. They have them at Target. It actually turned out to be a cute family picture. They use this as a fundraiser, so it is a nice event to support. They gave us a bag of treats for the pup.

Since we got there later, we didn't see many dogs in costume. I had grabbed the camera in hopes of catching some to show y'all, but we only saw one dog in costume. But, we did see a white parrot that was very loud. The girl who had it was afraid the bird would scare my son, but he just stared at the bird like it was crazy. That is the funny thing about him, things that would normally scare any other 2 year old don't scare him. There are very few things that scare him. He was fascinated with the bird.

So, that is another Halloween tradition we've started. We are crazy dog people and must celebrate the holidays with our pup. LOL

Did any of you attend a Howl O Ween event at your local Petsmart? Do you plan to dress up your pet?

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denine zielinski said...

Sounds like fun! Would love to see pics of your dog!

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