Monday, September 14, 2009

Mums the word

Well, even though we may not have reached fall on the calendar it certainly feels like fall is here. I'm enjoying the nice days with lo humidity, but it certainly is a challenge to know what to wear.

Mums and pumpkins have started to appear in the stores. I love the colors of fall and the new batches of plants that come out. I've missed having plants outside for the last year, but it has been too tough with the little ones to do anything. I feel like things are finally started to settle in a groove as much as they can. So this weekend I decided to take the plunge and buy some mums for the front porch. I also was so excited to make it to this fabulous garden center near us where I bought a planted I'd been wanting for a while. I love it because it hangs on your mailbox. I'm always wanted to spruce up the mailbox and this seemed like an easy way to do that. I purchased small mums to go in each planter and I hope to add some pansies too. By the way, did you know that pansies are great plants to buy because they can last the winter? If you get a warm spell in your area they will perk right up.

Every time I see pansies I will think fondly of dh's granny who we sadly lost a year ago in August. She loved flowers and a few years ago I went and bought her some pansies to put in her window boxes because she hadn't gotten anything for them. She loved those pansies and was so excited that they lasted all winter long. Even when snow was on the ground those panies were blooming beautifully. The window boxes were protected by the roof over hang so they were very happy in that spot. They were some of the most beautiful pansies and I was so glad they made her happy that winter. Every fall after that she insisted on having pansies in those window boxes. So, I think we will get some pansies in honor of granny.

Have you seen the Halloween pansies you can get? I am hoping that I can track some down. They have black and orange pansies and they are so pretty. They look really great together.

A lot of times I end up buying the yellow pansies and mums because I've found they show up better from the road. But is is hard not to buy one of every color out there.

So, that is all from my neck of the woods. I hope you are having a beautiful fall Monday.

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