Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shazam! Mayberry Days 2009

I am so frustrated this week. I've been trying to post this post for days and I'm finally getting a minute to do it. I had such a great time on my trip and I've wanted to share it.

As I mentioned in my post on Friday, Friday afternoon DH and I took off for an adventure, minus the babies, to Mt. Airy, North Carolina which is the birth place of Andy Griffith. Mt. Airy aka "Mayberry" is the town that The Andy Griffith Show is based on.

Every year the town has what is known as "Mayberry Days". This week I'm going to be sharing pictures and observations about our trip to Mayberry Days. I have so much information to share I quickly realized that I just can't do it justice to post all of this in one post. It would be a novel.

We got to Mt. Airy late Friday. We checked into our hotel and then went and grabbed a quick bite. When we got back to our hotel, there were people playing music in the lobby. It was one of the groups that used to play with Andy Griffith in the show. It was neat to see so many people hanging out listening to the music and many of them had t-shirts with the Andy Griffith show.

The next morning we got up and went to the Mayberry Days parade. As you can see below, These are some of the "tribute artistis" (I love how they call themselves that, it is so sweet) that we met.

Here I am with Barney Fife.

We can't forget Aunt Bee.

And Ernest T. Bass. Fortunately he was well behaved and didn't throw any rocks.

I've gotta run out this morning, but I will post more on this trip. We had a blast!

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