Friday, October 23, 2009

Fabulous Favorite Friday

Happy Friday everyone! What a crazy morning I've had. I think that has been the theme this week. I went to get out the door to preschool when dh called and said I needed to get to the health dept. asap to get the babies an H1N1/swine flu vaccine. (We were told that our oldest is high risk and needs it). So, we jumped in the car and I finally found the darn building. It was like finding a needle in a haystack. We got there and fortunately the line wasn't too bad. I went ahead and took it since I don't want to risk getting it and giving it to the babies. All I can say is praise the Lord for Cheerios & M&M's. That is the only way I made it through the wait with them. But they both did great. So, it has been busy already.

I'm so annoyed at Target. I'd hoped to show you a picture of my Fabulous Favorite Friday pick today and they don't have a picture of it. So, I'll just have to go without pix today.

One thing I've been trying to do is make sure I take better care of myself. With this whole H1N1/swine flu craze I haven't wanted to get sick. When I was pregnant I had no trouble taking prenatal vitamins, but when I haven't been expecting I've been really bad about taking vitamins. I can't stomach them. I can taste the iron in them. Trying to swallow a Centrum without throwing up is tough. I hate, hate, hate those vitamins. Then I found out that they make multivitamins that taste like gummy bears. So I headed on down to Target and found out that they have their own brand "Up & Up" gummy vitamins. I have been very pleasantly surprised. I didn't know if they'd have a funny taste, but lo and behold they taste just like gummy bears. I have to control myself and just take two. LOL

So if you are looking for a tolerable multivitamin to take, check out the gummy vitamins at Target. They aren't bad at all.

It is so hard to believe this is the last weekend before Halloween. And then we are on birthday count down next week. Logan turns 1 on Thursday. I can hardly believe it.

Have a great weekend. Remember to constantly wash your hands and Purell. Stay well people! :)

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