Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yay Winner, Whaaa the rest of the week

What a week it has been already. I'm so annoyed because I can't find out little "thingy" (that is a technical term) to take pictures off my digital camera. I have a bunch of different things I wanted to post. Hopefully we will track that down soon.

My other annoyance is that I stood in line for over an hour to get my son the H1N1 vaccine only to have them run out. It was crazy, instead of just limiting it to students they offered it to everyone. They ran out four people ahead of me. They should only have given it to students and then if something was left over offered it to parents. I really struggled with making the decision on whether we should do this, but we researched it a lot and consulted with our pediatrician who was very adamant that my son get it. With him being born so preamture, he is definitely in the high risk category and should receive it. So, we are praying that we can get this for him.

But, on to more uplifting news. I am excited to announce the winner of the Nature Valley Prize Pack. The random number generator picked number 10.

Comment #10 belongs to:

skaro964 said...

1st entry I tweeted. skaro964

Congratulations! You will love this prize pack. I am already addicted to these wonderful munchies. I will send you an email to get your address information. If I don't hear from our winner by Friday, I will pick a new winner.

Well, I'm off to complain to someone about this whole H1N1 fiasco, so y'all have a great day and stay well.

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